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Guidelines for submitting manuscripts


Prospective author(s) are required to submit a soft copy of their manuscript(s), typed in double-line spacing using Times New Roman size 12 and not exceeding eight thousand (8000) words to: ijmir@nmu.edu.ng , rdc.journals@nmu.edu.ng and ijmir.rdc@nmu.edu.ng


Manuscripts should be presented in the following format;

  1. Title of paper
  2. Name of author(s) with institutional/affiliation address, email and phone numbers
  3. Name, address and email of corresponding author
  4. An abstract of not more than 250 words with keywords not exceeding 3-5 words following the steps below:
  5. State the established extant facts about the topic
  6. State the aim of the paper
  7. State briefly how the research was carried out
  8. State the main finding(s) of your paper and then
  9. Make a conclusion and specific recommendation.