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Powerful Backend

Vertikal is not just a beautiful theme

Clean Code / Easy to Maintenance

Vertikal has a super clean design and you can’t ignore its beauty anyway… But what you see on front-end is not the whole thing…

We’ve reviewed every single line of our framework codes to make it as clean and reliable as a code could be. During the development, WordPress debug mode was always “on” and we set a fallback for everything. It means you should not see even a simple warning in your Vertikal powered site even if you’ve set debug mode to “on”.

Powerful Backend – Easy to Use Features

Vertikal has a powerful backend too. Beside the advanced theme options, you will have so many easy to use meta options for each page or post. You can easily create a gallery post format and upload your images in the post by native WordPress media uploader, or simply make your post as a  review post and also choose different layouts and sidebar settings for each page or post.

Portfolio Post Type

Blog Post Type